A National Climbing Award Scheme for anyone aged 7 or above

If your child is looking to progress into climbing then The National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme is for them.

NICAS is the only nationally recognised award scheme that introduces new climbers to climbing on indoor walls. The scheme focuses on making young climbers, getting them hooked for life, and giving them the tools to make this happen. Working through skill development, all safety aspects as well as climbing ability, the 5 awarding levels have the perfect progression for all young climbers aged 7 and above.

Our courses are run in two age brackets under each level. 7-11 year olds, are called Rock-Its, & 12-17 year olds are known as Hang Time, this means your kids are groups with children of similar age ability making the learning and development experience all the easier, and more importantly more fun!

Did you know we also run NIBAS, perfect for young boulderers?!

What’s  the difference?
NICAS mainly focuses on high roped climbing focusing on safety and then development into the technical climbing.

NIBAS is based in bouldering area, low level climbing, and based to work on technique and  general to advanced climbing movement!

Both NICAS and NIBAS are open to climbers of all ages from 7 years up and caters for all abilities, as it covers all aspects from the absolute basics to advanced climbing techniques. Manchester Climbing Centre is a NICAS & NIBAS Primary Centre

Get your kids into the exciting world of climbing here...

With short & long term goals, aims & challenges, climbing really is the perfect sport for your kids to get into!

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