Is a Refresher Session right for me?

Our Refresher Sessions are designed to top up on the basic safety skills you already have for either Top Rope, AutoBelay, Lead or Boulder climbing.

You will need to have already learnt the basic safety skills, but if it has been a while since you have put these into practice or you just want to have your techniques checked by one of our friendly, qualified and experienced staff then a Refresher is for you.


  • First Person £30.00
  • Subsequent People £15.00 per person

Due to the nature of Top Rope and Lead climbing, you will require an additional person to accompany you for the session and or a Lead Refresher they will be required to be a competent lead climber too.

Did you know….

For Bouldering and Autobelay Refreshers, you can book a 1:1 session or even a group session, but we also run Intro to Bouldering & Intro to Autobelay group sessions to help you improve your skills and, or meet new people?

Want to know more click here, Intro to Autobelay or Intro to Bouldering


Book a Refresher and broaden your climbing horizon!

Once you have attended a Refresher and been signed off as a competent climbing in the relevant area, you will be able to use the centre unsupervised in our state of the art climbing facilities!

Online Booking is not available right now

Please contact the centre to book your session

0161 230 7006