Expand your climbing into Leading!

Lead climbing is the next step in your climbing development once you have mastered your top-rope skills. If you are top-roping comfortably at grade 5+ and are confident in top-rope belaying and rope work, you should consider learning to lead climb.

Whilst it might seem daunting at first, climbing between quickdraws on the wall, clipping your own rope as you go, our Learn to Lead climbing course teaches you all the skills you need to be a safe lead climber and belayer.

In the learn to lead climb course you will learn about:

  • Clipping safely
  • Lead belaying
  • Principles of lead climbing and equipment use
  • Body positioning for efficient lead climbing
  • Developing your overall climbing technique

The course runs as both scheduled and private sessions.

Interested in Lead Climbing, book now!

Please ensure you have read the recommended prerequisites for a Learn to Lead.

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