‘My Life Story’ Chris Bonington Film Night

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IMG_0588This film really touched the soul. It took us on a journey around the world, as well as delving right into the deeper (sometimes darker) sides of climbing and mountaineering. It brought to light what motivates and drives those who are taking on huge risk and challenge in the mountains. One quote that springs to mind, “It feels like we are going to war when setting out on an expedition”. I feel this quote underpins the mindset of these adventurers!

This honestly, combined with stunning imagery and old school footage made for a truly inspiring and captivating film.


I feel another thanks needs to go out to Keith Partridge and Brian Hall the filmmakers, great work!


What … aside from Climbing 12 hours per day??



And, well what would winter be without our WBL


WBL posters - Manchester Launch (2)-01

Hope to share a climb with you all!

Merry Christmas 🙂