3rd May

The Hazel Findlay Master Your Mind Tour

Fear of falling holding you back? Do you want to try climbing hard but the thought of failure stops you before even trying? Master your mind with coaching from Hazel Findlay and you’ll take the first step towards realising your climbing dreams.

What’s the weakest link holding back your climbing? Most people will point to something physical – fingers, arms, or even core – but how many times has your head game stopped you from sending?
“There are two types of fear: survival and illusory. The former is healthy and helpful while the latter is not. It is important to be able to distinguish between the two fears.” Arno Ilgner, The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training For Climbers

We’ve all been there; you freeze before making the move to the last hold, doubt floods in and your eyes turn towards the ground. But it doesn’t have to be a fear of falling or failure that holds you back either, not being able to think positively or visualise success can also negatively impact your climbing, training, and even your everyday life.

“The most likely limitation to our climbing performance and enjoyment is the mind, and yet it’s also the most neglected,” says Hazel.

So master your mind by joining us for a session of expert tutelage from BMC ambassador Hazel Findlay, followed by an action-packed night starring Hazel and comedian Niall Grimes (Manchester only).

The Manchester Master Your Mind film night features:

  • The BMC TV Mind Control film, featuring Hazel’s climb back to fitness
  • A talk from Hazel
  • QnA session with Niall Grimes
  • Prizes, fun and freebies

Book online here!


£65 (BMC members) and £85 (non-members) The film night is £7 (BMC members) and £9 (non-members)